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Forum Rules

    iKingsSGC™ Forums & Server Network Rules
    iKingsSGC Forums Rules:
    1. No Excessive Swearing/Cursing or vulgarity
    2. No Extremely Lewd sexual references.
    3. Posts must be made in English (if your languages is not english use Google Translate.)
    4. No Racism, sexism, homophobic slurs or generally hateful talk.
    5. No Obscenity or profanity.
    6. No Adult content orPornography.
    7. These rules also applies to links, avatars, signatures and all images posted within the iKingsSGC Forums and the iKingsSGC Servers.

    Here is a list of things to keep in mind while you are on the iKingsSGC Forums:
    1. Please try to use the search button before you post to see if the topic you are about to create has been posted once before.
    2. Try to post the right information in the right section. (Suggestions go in to Suggestion threads & off topic discussion goes into off topic sections)

    Warnings and Multi-Accounts !

    1. We use a warning system to determine the actions taken against your account. You are allowed to be warned 3 times. After the third warning you will be temporary or permanently banned on the iKingsSGC Forums and iKingsSGC servers .

    2. We dont allow having multi-accounts on our forum. By default IP addresses are logged to a single account to prevent spam accounts, this means that only 1 IP address can have an account on the iKingsSGC Forums, if you have a valid reason why you need another account please Click Here to Contact US and tell us about why you need another account. An example would be if your brother or sister wants their own account.

    No One Word Posts, Spam or Bumping Posts !
    • Do not post threads or replies with one word posts.
    • Do not Bump your own thread within the same 12 hours of your initial post.
    • Stay on topic with your replies and do not hijack any threads for your own purposes.
    • Do not link to any type of other sites or forums for the purpose of promoting them.

    iKingsSGC Server Rules:
    • Admins & Staff do not PvP or Roleplay (unless server dictates staff RP) , if they teleport to you, don’t mind them, they’re usually just checking for cheating, abuse, or any other types of misbehavior.
    • NO asking to be teleported anywheres
    • NO abusing the staff in ANY way. If you have an issue with a staff member, submit a ticket or a post on the forums, if you would rather bring the problem directly to [USER=1]TheiKing[/USER] then send him a PM on the iKingsSGC Forums about your problem. Confronting the staff member you have an issue with directly could potentially lead to issues.
    • NO major griefing, only *VERY MINOR* to break into a base. Griefing includes taking powered rails off rail systems, building random 1x1 pillars without breaking them down after, etc. If you aren't sure what is/isn't griefing, ask.
    • Stealing from chests / killing people is only allowed in survival/extreme roleplay iSGC™ Servers. This does not include Hogwarts RP Experience.
    • NO Begging for your items back if you die in PVP or a Wizard Duel
    • NO hacking, this includes x-ray, flying, etc. X-raying is taken VERY seriously and typically is a permanent ban. Possession of x-ray (even if you do not intend to use it) is NOT allowed. (Spoutcraft prevents this)
    • NO racist, sexist or generally insulting comments/skins etc. This includes swearing directly at another player.
    • NO using in-game Minecraft exploits / glitches / etc. If you are unsure what is or is not a glitch, ask. Simply having a difference of opinion about a glitch is not an excuse.
    • NO abusing the block protection system if you are any kind of donator rank. This includes protecting random areas that you do not intend to use.
    • NO logging out or setting home in someone else's base/home/location/Hogwarts House/country HQ

    Advanced Server Rules:
    • -You may not set a home inside a redstone mechanism (e.g. your vault or an enemy's vault). Admins can and will check.
    • NO setting home within 50 blocks of a player's base/home/location/faction or team HQ. Staff can and will check.
    • NO hiding chests behind/under/above protected blocks unless given permission by staff.
    • NO advertising for other servers on our server network. This offense will result in the restriction of your chat privellages
    • NO ban evasion (coming back on another account after being permanently banned.) You will be immediately banned and put on our global ban list when we find out.

    Be aware of the following questionable actions (will be updated as more arise):
    1. Pillaring - ILLEGAL
    2. Lued Comments - Only if Roleplay dictates this. Example of allowed comments (Mudblood, Yankee,redneck, Brit with bad teeth, etc etc)

    Rule Changes & additions!

    The iKingsSGC Staff reserves the rights to take action that expedites the conclusion of an issue even if they are not explicitly covered in any part of these rules.

    We also reserve the right to change these rules or add new rules at anytime however you will be informed about such changes to the rules.

For breaking above rules you may be warned/banned appropriately!