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Stargate: The Multiverse Experience (BETA)

In this forum you will find all the information you need to know about Stargate: Multiverse as well as request help from staff members or just talk with fellow members of the server.


The Light in the Dark - Sonic Torch Update!

Today The Doctor and Clara trek into darkness but we bring the light to the dark in this Sonic Screwdriver update! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS THREAD

Up the Shards - Sonic Screwdriver Glass Update

People of the Tau'ri,What's clear hard and breaks if you hit the right sonic frequency? If you guessed glass you would of course be correct.Today I am showing off a new feature to the Sonic Screwdriver that allows you to yes, shatter glass. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS THREAD

High Frequency Mode - Sonic Screwdriver Update!

In this Sonic Screwdriver update video I blow up mountains made of glass and light a torch that accidentally set the forest on fire! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS THREAD
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