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Stargate: The Multiverse Experience (BETA)

In this forum you will find all the information you need to know about Stargate: Multiverse as well as request help from staff members or just talk with fellow members of the server.


Change Console Rooms (Desktop GUI) [NewsFLASH #11]

In this NewsFLASH I demo the Desktop GUI, the system that lets you change your console room, for the very first time and it actually works! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS THREAD

Modeled Toyota Console Room Update -"Daily" Report

What is going on people of the Tau'ri. Today I am going to be showing off and discussing some major updates to the Doctor Who Client Mod's completely modeled Toyota Console Room. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS THREAD

Guardians Guide to the Galaxy: Landing Soon

Check out the first teaser for Guardians Guide to the Galaxy! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS THREAD

Who ya gonna call? DALEKBUSTERS! [NewsFLASH #12]

If there's something strange, in the galaxy. WHO YA GONNA CALL! DALEK BUSTERS! In this NewsFLASH I reveal the Temporal-1, a TARDIS Police Box Exterior clearly based on the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THIS THREAD
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